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Saturated Fat in Regular Ice Creams vs Freshi Ice Sticks

Do you know that most of the regular Ice Creams contains saturated fat. Diets high in saturated fat have been linked to chronic disease, specifically, coronary heart disease. (CDC*)

99% Freshi Products doesn’t contain such fats which regular Ice cream has.

Saturated Fats in Regular Ice Creams

99% Freshi Products doesn’t contain such fats which regular Ice cream has

* (CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Home Delivery Services from Freshi Ice Sticks Jeddah Saudi Arabia


Freshi’s delivery service is always on time anywhere in Jeddah city

Now days, convenience has become an important aspect for consumers of the food market. Due to change in the lifestyle trends, more and more people now prefer to order for home delivery rather than going personally to the hotels and restaurants. We can say technology of Internet and Mobile Communication caused this change in lifestyle and trends.

To gain customer satisfaction in the food business, especially the Ice Cream it will be a positive point to provide delivery services to customer’s homes, customer’s workplace and any other gathering place.

In food business if products are delivered to customer’s place it will increase popularity and liking of the product in a great deal. In addition to gaining customer confidence and satisfaction Freshi Ice Sticks is offering home delivery services. You just make a call to our representative, place your order and the Ice Sticks will be delivered to your desired location just on time.

Our Dedicated Delivery Number is 0537766117

Freshi's dedicated Devliery Vehicle is ready for service

Our Dedicated Delivery Vehicle is always ready to serve your orders.

Freshi Ice Sticks Catering Services in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

In order to offer amazing services to Ice Cream customers especially Ice Sticks customers Freshi introduced catering services. This service is offered to all kind of events (Marriages, Graduation Ceremonies, Birthday Parties..etc) The booking can be made directly or indirectly. Directly in the way that customer can contact our special department to make his booking. Alternatively customer can arrange his party indirectly via special party service providers, marriage halls and hotels. This can be achieved by adding our products in hotel specialized menus. If their customers like our products we can provide them on the venue. For that purpose contracts should be made with Party Providers, marriage halls and hotels to add our products in their menus, in return they will be offered profit margins. Freshi Offers outside catering service in Jeddah city, specially for Wedding Parties, Graduation Parties and Birthday parties.

To make a Booking with us you may call these contact numbers.

Mobile: 0548884343

Landline: 02-6677729

We offer amazing packages that suits your requirement.

For 50 to 100 Ice Sticks Order

Freshi Ice Sticks Catering Services Jeddah

Small Display Refrigrator is suitable for 50 to 150 Ice Sticks order.

  • From 50 to 100 Sticks
  • Small Display Refrigerator
  • Refrigerator for Storing
  • Free 100 Balloons

For 100 to 500 Ice Sticks Order


Big Display Freezer can also be provided on demand, it has a capacity of 100 to 500 Ice Sticks

  • From 100 to 500 Sticks
  • Big Display Refrigerator
  • Display Refrigerator
  • Catering Staff
  • Free 300 Balloons

Ice Sticks Transportation Vehicle

For Transportation purpose we provide a powerful vehicle with Freezer so that Ice Sticks remain frozen even while transported to the venue.

Freshi Ice Sticks Transportation Vehicle with Freezer

The vehicle should be powerful enough to carry Freezer while loaded with Ice Sticks. It should have a strong Electricity source to operate Freezer.


To make a Booking with us you may call these contact numbers.

Mobile: 0548884343

Landline: 02-6677729


Free from Chemicals and Preservatives – Freshi Ice Sticks

Freshi Ice Sticks is free from Preservative and Chemicals. So that you can eat Fresh Natural every time. It is the best Ice alternative to Ice Cream available in the town.

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