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Freshi will be opening soon in Tahlia Shopping Center Jeddah

Freshi Ice Sticks will be opening its newest branch in Tahlia Shopping Center very soon.

Visit and enjoy our great taste.


Free from Chemicals and Preservatives – Freshi Ice Sticks

Freshi Ice Sticks is free from Preservative and Chemicals. So that you can eat Fresh Natural every time. It is the best Ice alternative to Ice Cream available in the town.

New Diet Flavors from Freshi

Freshi Ice Sticks has introduced new diet flavors. These new Ice Sticks would be 0% fat, 0% Sugar and 0% calories

  • 15y : Diet Yogurt
  • 15c: Diet Chocolate
  • 15s: Diet Strawberry


Freshi Opening in Serfi Mega Mall

Freshi Ice Sticks opened at Serfi Mega Mall located at King Fahad Street.


Freshi Ice Sticks in Sultan Mall Jeddah

Freshi Ice Sticks opened at Sultan Mall located at Prince Sultan Street.





Freshi Opening in Red Sea Mall

Freshi Ice Sticks has opened another branch in Red Sea Mall Jeddah.



Freshi Opening in Ice Land

Freshi Ice Sticks has opened a new shop in Ice Land Mall at Prince Sultan Street.



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